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5 ways to direct your customers to WhatsApp

by 25 February 20212 Comments

Getting started with Whatsapp? Great! Time to develop a WhatsApp strategy and to let your (potential) customers know that they can engage with your brand on their favorite messaging channel. Here are some of our best practices to start the conversation right away! 5 ways to direct your customers to Whatsapp.


Create your own and unique WhatsApp QR-codes. When a QR-code is scanned, a conversation will automatically launch on your customers WhatsApp app. Each QR-code can include a different and predefined message to make conversations even more effortless! QR-codes can be used online (on your website, chat, ...) or offline (for marketing purposes, loyalty cards, packaging, receipts, ...) With QR-codes, the possibilities for starting a WhatsApp conversation are limitless!

Include a direct link to you messaging apps with a unique QR-code

Use a WhatsApp QR-code on your homepage 

Use a unique QR-code on your loyalty cards and include a predefined message


Solve your queues of calls during peak hours. With IVR (Interactive Voice Response) you can deflect calls to WhatsApp. Customers can choose to leave the queue while calling (by pressing a number) and automatically proceed to a conversation in WhatsApp.

Your customers can be answered faster, your calling queues will be shorter, and your agents will be more productive (because they can handle more conversations at once).


Don't forget to promote your WhatsApp channel on your company website. Create buttons that link directly to a conversation in WhatsApp and include them everywhere on your website where customers try to reach out and contact you. Show them that WhatsApp is your main communication channel or include other messaging apps to let them choose their preferred way of communication.

Message buttons on a “contact us” page 

Message buttons on in the footer of a website 



Create Facebook and Instagram Ads with a direct link to your WhatsApp channel. When your (potential) customers are triggered by your ad, they can open a conversation, just by clicking a button. Not only will you get in touch with your customers faster, it will drive your marketing and generate sales.


It's often forgotten but it's easy, has a large reach and is free of charge: adding a direct link to WhatsApp in the contact details of your email signature. You can include a link in your agents personal email signature or even in the footer of your monthly newsletter.

Ready to start the conversation? 

These are just a few of the ways in which you can engage customers to reach out on WhatsApp. Every industry or business has its own unique customer journey, and it's crucial to offer your customers a chance to reach out during every touch point. Leading your customers to WhatsApp will result in higher productivity rates, lower costs and a rise of customer satisfaction. So get ready to start the conversation!

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