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What is SMS Marketing and why do I need it?

by 31 January 20223 Comments

SMS marketing, or marketing via text messages, is the new big craze! THE consumers not only accept, but expect to see both transactional messages and marketing. Your customers are now used to seeing all kinds of brand messages, from two-factor authentications to appointment confirmations, price drop alerts to real-time updates, front and center of their inboxes.

sms marketing

sms marketing

The marketing via SMS can elevate your strategy marketing digital and can provide a number of unique benefits that differentiate it from other marketing channels you may already be using, such as push notifications, email, and in-app messaging. Let's go into exactly why and how you can use text message marketing to increase conversions and increase revenue.

In the United States, over 6 billion text messages are sent and received every day. In 2020, nearly 50 million Americans chose to receive SMS marketing messages. In the ever-changing digital ecosystem, text message marketing is emerging as a fundamental mobile first communication tactic.

A quick definition
If you didn't already know, SMS stands for Short Message Service. The marketing via SMS, or marketing via text messaging, is now widely used by brands in many different verticals. An advantage of SMS tagging is that it is a personal and highly engaging means of reaching consumers. With text message marketing, brands can reach their subscribers with messages 160 characters or less in this channel in real time.

If you feel it can add value, you can also enhance your text message marketing strategy with MMS or multimedia messaging service, which involves sending messages with visual elements, such as video, images, audio, GIFs and animations. . MMS can make your messages more engaging and increase engagement.

The advantages of the marketing via SMS
So what makes SMS a unique way to communicate with your customers? Why do you need it if you are already using other digital marketing channels? Here are some of the key benefits that text marketing can offer your business.


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