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The new iPad Pro will increasingly be a computer

by 4 September 2023No Comments

The new iPad Pro will increasingly be a computer

Breakthrough Innovations Coming to the 2024 iPad Pro

The year 2024 promises to be a period of significant change for the iPad range, with particular attention paid to the flagship model, the iPad Pro. According to recent and authoritative previews, CEO Tim Cook and the engineering team Apple is working hard to offer users a completely renewed iPad Pro, both from an aesthetic and performance point of view. This update is particularly anticipated since, since its launch year in 2018, the design of the iPad Pro has not undergone significant changes. This suggests that, six years down the road, the new iPad Pro will increasingly be a computer


OLED display, M3 Processor and New Magic Keyboard

Among the most intriguing previews, the introduction of an OLED display stands out, a change that would significantly improve the visual quality of the iPad Pro. Both the 11 and 13-inch models will benefit from this innovation, with a variable refresh rate from 10 to 120 Hz. This feature will allow a fluid display that is adaptable to different activities.

The performance aspect will be dominated by the proprietary M3 processor. This chip, developed internally by Apple, will provide a significant increase in the overall power and performance of the iPad Pro. This increased power will have a positive impact on activities such as productivity, multitasking and gaming.

Another very important innovation is represented by the new Magic Keyboard. This keyboard, designed to be connected to the iPad Pro, will make the device even more versatile and functional. Features such as a larger trackpad and an improved docking system will help transform the iPad Pro into a real alternative to traditional notebooks.

Expectations for Market Arrival and Impact on Price

The iPad Pro 2024 launch date is expected between spring and summer. However, the revamp of the design and the introduction of new features could affect the price. The current 11 and 13 inch models start from 1069 and 1469 euros respectively. The new iPad Pro is likely to see a price increase, reflecting Apple's investments in offering a superior user experience.

Conclusions: An Important Turning Point for iPad Pro

The 2024 iPad Pro looms as a turning point in the evolution of Apple tablets. With an OLED display, the M3 processor and the new Magic Keyboard, Apple aims to provide an extremely powerful and versatile device. The wait for its arrival on the market is accompanied by great expectations, as the iPad Pro promises to redefine the concept of mobile productivity and entertainment. Technological innovation continues to drive the industry, and the iPad Pro appears poised to take a leading role in this ever-evolving landscape. We are awaiting further details and the official announcement from Apple, aware that the future of the iPad Pro looks exceptionally promising.

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