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What to Expect from Apple's Event on September 12th

by 4 September 2023No Comments

Apple Event: Wonderlust – What to Expect from the Keynote on September 12th

What to Expect from Apple's Event on September 12th. The long-awaited Apple event, scheduled for September 12, finally has a name: Wonderlust. The news was confirmed through invitations sent to the international press on August 29th. The company's iconic logo, the bitten apple, has been colored in shades similar to the titanium versions of the upcoming iPhone 15. The keynote will be held in the usual location of Cupertino, with a series of pre-recorded videos that will present the products and the key features of the evening. CEO Tim Cook will lead the event, which will take place at 10am (local time), corresponding to 7pm in Italy. But what does this long-awaited presentation have in store for us?

Beyond iPhone 15: An Agenda Full of News

Naturally, the main focus is on the iPhone 15 family, about which numerous information has already emerged. The range will include four models: the standard version, the iPhone 15 Plus with a larger screen, the iPhone 15 Pro and the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra. The USB Type-C port will replace the traditional Lightning, and the dynamic island feature will be present on the display, hosting the components for biometric unlocking and notifications. The A16 chips will be adopted by the standard models, while the Pro models will have the A17, as well as ProMotion technology for the display and a periscope lens for zoom photography. The design involves the use of a titanium frame and new color variations for the body.

Innovations in Apple Watches and AirPods

At the event, new products for the Apple Watch line will also be presented. The standard Apple Watch 9 will feature a similar design to its predecessor the Apple Watch 8, but will be powered by the A15-based S9 chip used in the iPhone 14. The second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will have a larger screen and reduced weight thanks to the increasing use of 3D printed components. Furthermore, the announcement of the first AirPods with a USB interface for the charging and carrying case is expected. This move anticipates the definitive abandonment of Lightning technology, a year ahead of the regulations imposed by the European Commission.

Follow the Apple Event in Real Time

The Wonderlust event will be live streamed on Apple's official website, through the company's YouTube channel and on Apple TV+. Users will be able to access the broadcast by opening the Apple TV+ app shortly before 7pm. Wired Italia will be present, following the keynote as usual to provide real-time updates and tell all the news presented during the event. The anticipation is high and the expectations are numerous: Apple seems ready to surprise once again with its flagship innovations.

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