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WhatsApp works with usernames and screen sharing

by 4 September 2023No Comments

WhatsApp: New Features to Improve Remote Work

WhatsApp works with usernames and screen sharing.

The popular messaging app is introducing innovations aimed at making the application more suitable for work use. Two new features are emerging, marking a step forward in the direction of remote working and opening up new possibilities for users.

1. Usernames Instead of Phone Numbers

In version of WhatsApp for Android, an interesting new feature has emerged: the ability to associate a username with contacts instead of showing the phone number. This change makes it easier to add new contacts without having to share your mobile number. Instead, you can share a username, similar to what happens on competing platforms like Skype. This feature could facilitate connections between colleagues or collaborators without the need to exchange personal details.

2. Screen Sharing for More Effective Video Calls

A second innovation aims to improve video calling and content sharing capabilities. In version of WhatsApp for Android, some beta testers discovered a screen sharing feature similar to that present on Zoom. During a video call, participants will have the option to start screen sharing via a dedicated icon. It is important to note that, during this sharing, an informational message warns users that the company may have access to content such as passwords, images and payment details. This feature could be especially useful for presentations and collaboration during video conferences.

An Advanced Perspective of WhatsApp

WhatsApp works with usernames and screen sharing.

The new features signal a change of perspective for WhatsApp. From a simple messaging tool, the app is evolving towards a more versatile and work-oriented application. These additions allow users to leverage the app to not only communicate, but also share content and collaborate in new, more effective ways.

Conclusions: A Step Forward in the Future of Work

With these new features, WhatsApp is adapting to the needs of modern work and telecommuting. The introduction of usernames makes it easier to connect with new contacts, while screen sharing improves video call collaboration options. These developments demonstrate WhatsApp's commitment to offering a more complete and versatile user experience, confirming the app's role as an indispensable tool for business communications and collaboration.

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