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From Retweet to Repost: Changes in X Signal the End of an Era

by 8 September 2023No Comments

From Retweet to Repost: Changes by X They signal the end of an era

The world of social media is experiencing an epochal change with the transformation of Twitter into X. Although the name change is now old news, the latest update to the X Terms of Service represents a real point of no return. These new terms, which go into effect on September 29, 2023, spell the end of the familiar term “retweet,” replacing it with “repost.”

The 'Repost': A New Beginning

Until September 29, 2023, the old terms of service will continue to use the term “retweet.” In this transition phase, the vocabulary used to talk about the platform sharing mechanism is still tied to the past. However, the new terms of service decisively delete any reference to the term “retweet,” clearly indicating that from now on it will only ever be “repost.”

Impacts on Content and Data

One of the crux of the old terms was the license users gave to X to use the content they posted. This license allowed X to share, promote and make user content available to third parties. With the new terms, the language is the same, but the term “retweet” has been replaced by “repost,” giving a strong signal that X is ready to move in a new direction.

Via the Word 'Twitter'

In addition to the change from “retweet” to “repost,” the term update also marks the official end of the use of the name “Twitter” in official documentation. About fifty references to “Twitter” have been removed. This represents another important step in the definitive separation from what was once Twitter.

Scraping: A Pause for Reflection

The new terms of service also tighten the rules regarding data scraping. If previously there were some exceptions that allowed scraping under certain circumstances, these are now completely closed. With this step, X seems to send a clear message about the protection of user data and the confidentiality of content.

Elon Musk and the X Revolution

Behind all these changes, there is the influence of Elon Musk and his vision for X. Despite general discontent among users and data that does not show immediate success, Musk is determinedly continuing his mission to revolutionize the platform.

In conclusion, the new update to the X Terms of Service is not just a change in terminology. It's a strong and clear signal that the platform is advancing into a new phase, free from its history and ready for new challenges. With these changes, X is charting a definitive course for the future, regardless of the reservations or criticisms of its user base.

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