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Automatic WhatsApp: Pros and Cons

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Automatic WhatsApp: Pros and Cons

Automation on WhatsApp has both benefits and limitations. On the one hand, it increases efficiency, guaranteeing immediate responses to customers 24 hours a day, and reduces human errors. On the other hand, it can be impersonal and less effective in dealing with complex requests, risking providing inadequate responses.

Difference between Automatic and Scheduled Messages

Automatic messages are triggered in response to specific events or actions, while scheduled messages are sent at a predetermined time. Both strategies can be integrated to maximize communication, offering timeliness and personalization.

Utility of Automatic Messages

Automatic messages find application in different areas: from welcome to post-sales feedback, from booking confirmations to promotions. They represent a precious resource for maintaining a constant and relevant flow of communication with customers.




Creation of an Automatic WhatsApp System

To implement an automated system, you need to adopt dispatch software, official or unofficial. The choice between the two options depends on factors such as the size of the customer database, the need for message customization, and the financial availability to support the costs.

Sending Software: Official vs Unofficial

The official software with API of WhatsApp offer advanced integrations, but require a financial investment for sending and more complex management. Unofficial software, on the other hand, allows for greater flexibility and more intuitive use, although it has limitations in terms of functionality and security.

Sendapp: The Integrated Solution

In the context of modern business needs, the figure of Sendapp emerges as a revolutionary solution in the WhatsApp marketing landscape. Sendapp stands out for its ability to offer both management through official APIs, guaranteeing access to advanced features and security in communications, and through unofficial methods, offering flexibility and ease of use. Furthermore, the platform uses the cloud, allowing fluid management accessible from any device. This versatility makes Sendapp the ideal tool for companies looking to make the most of WhatsApp's potential for their marketing, without sacrificing practicality and efficiency in daily communications.

In conclusion, choosing the most suitable tool to manage WhatsApp communications will depend on your specific business needs and marketing objectives. With Sendapp, companies have the opportunity to navigate between different options, optimizing their communication strategy on WhatsApp in an effective and innovative way.

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