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Scheduling Messages on SendApp

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Scheduling Messages on SendApp: Write Now, Send When You Wish

Gestione appuntamenti su SendApp

Gestione appuntamenti su SendApp

In this article we will discuss scheduling messages on SendApp. Is it possible to write a message and schedule it to be sent at a future time? The answer is yes! So if you're wondering what a scheduled message is, how to set it up, and how it can improve your business, you've come to the right place.

A scheduled message is defined as a message that is written and, instead of being sent immediately, will be sent at a future time. Scheduled messages differ from the usual welcome or absence messages that can be set on SendApp Business, and also from automatic messages, which are sent independently under certain circumstances.

A programmed message is defined as a message that is written

A programmed message is defined as a message that is written

For example, a scheduled message is sent on "X" day at "Y" hours; an automated message is sent in response to a specific event, such as filling out an online form or purchasing a product on an e-commerce website.


SendApp, by itself, does not allow you to schedule mailings, so you will need to use sending software. The easiest option for this is SendApp, which makes scheduling mailings a very simple process. You will need a SendApp account to access this service.

Creare un messaggio programmato su SendApp è facile. La procedura si divide in 3 fasi:

- Enter the number of the recipient.
- Prepare your message: write the text and, if you want, add your favorite attachment.
- Choose the date and time of sending.

Once confirmed, the message will be sent at the time indicated and you will not have to worry about anything else. You can always cancel the sending if necessary.

Scheduling a message on SendApp can be extremely useful, especially when you need to communicate something important but feel that sending it will be more effective at a future time. You may find scheduling messages useful if:

- You might forget to write.
- You are too busy to do that.
- You do not have the necessary information at hand.

Scheduled messages on Sendapp can be used in many situations, such as a reminder for an appointment, a proposal for a recurring service, a follow-up message, or a request for feedback. These are just a few examples of how to use the message scheduling service on SendApp.

Remember that the timing of a single mailing is important to maintain a high level of care and attention in the relationship with your client. Scheduling multiple mailings is a similar process from a technical standpoint, but very different from a relationship standpoint. Indeed, it is a marketing strategy that must be carefully thought out. With SendApp sending software, it is possible to send messages to dozens or hundreds of people.


Activate your account for free with the "Single Message Program" feature. This service involves a monthly subscription of €19.90, offering unlimited mailings at no additional cost. This service is currently being tested and will be made available to the public by May 2024. Are you interested? Fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as the "Single Message Program" feature is available. Are you investing resources, time and energy in marketing your business? Do you think you need to get better results? Here is the solution for you.

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