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What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free instant messaging application, which allows you to chat with your contacts also through the use of a nickname, so without necessarily exchanging the phone number.

The app also allows you to organize public and private groups and take advantage of various features, including channels and bots.

Born in 2013, Telegram is available for Android, for iOS, for Windows Phone and also for devices with Firefox OS. Unlike Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps, Telegram is based on a system with encrypted chats (server-client but also client-client), which makes it impossible to intercept messages.

Also, the app is integrated in the cloud, so that all media files sent are kept online and are not automatically saved in the local memory of the device.

The characteristics of Telegram

Why choose to use Telegram for personal purposes or even as a tool for your strategies communication on Social Media? The answer is in the features and peculiarities of this instant messaging app:

1. Telegram is free

The messaging service offered by Telegram is free. Just download the app from the PlayStore or the AppleStore, log in and you're done.

2. Telegram is safe

This, probably, is the real winning feature of Telegram: it is safe. What does it mean? Conversations that take place via the app are subject to a server-client cryptographic system which makes it impossible for third parties to read it.

Not only that, because Telegram also does something more important: it also guarantees you a client-client cryptographic system, which allows you to start secret chats with your contacts.

In this way your contents (text, files, photos, videos, various attachments, locations, contacts) are encoded when they leave your smartphone and are then decrypted only and only when they arrive at the recipient's smartphone, protecting your privacy.

3. Telegram cares about your privacy

The encryption system, secret chats and the tick mechanism (a tick means that the message has been sent, two ticks to indicate that the message has been read, thus skipping the typical step of Whatsapp received it but has not yet viewed) are all important and precious precautions for yours privacy.

4. Telegram is open source

It is an open source application, therefore customizable through the API, so as to be able to offer a complete communication and, possibly, promotional experience.

5. Telegram is a connection tool

Telegram offers you the possibility to create groups, super groups and channels.

THE groups they are made up of several people who can send and receive messages and change the settings of the group itself. The groups, however, can reach a number of members equal to 200.

How to overcome this limitation? Just create a super group, which can hold up to 5,000 subscribers, which has more functionality than the group, and whose basic settings can only be used by the administrator.

THE channels they are managed by a single person, who publishes the content he wants (information, news, advice, links, images, videos, etc.) and who is followed by those interested. In some ways similar to newsletters, channels are also an excellent and useful tool promotion for brands and companies. 

6. Telegram integrates bots

Another valuable feature of Telegram is the integration into the app bot, instant and automatic chats that interact with the requests typed by the user following specific and predetermined commands.

How Telegram works

Using Telegram is very simple and intuitive and, step by step, day after day, you will discover a world preserved in an app.

As with all apps, the first thing to do is connect to the Store of your operating system and download the app for free. After that, in a few clicks, you will have to register using your phone number, indicating your nationality and verifying the code that Telegram will send you.

At this point, the app will ask you to access the list of your contacts stored on your smartphone and you can start messaging with them. That's all? No, because you can use the internal search engine to find people (by username), groups, super groups, channels and anything else that might be of interest to you.

And, again, you can start secret chats, to send multimedia files (to attach photos, videos, files, contacts or locations just click on the paper clip symbol), attach stickers (there is a specific icon for stickers as well), subscribe to groups and channels and use i bot. 

Telegram: much more than an instant messaging app

Two encryption levels (server-client and client-client, the latter for secret chats), which guarantee security and privacy to users, the ability to create groups, manage super groups, start and follow channels, use bot: Telegram is more than just an instant messaging app.

Telegram is information, research, sharing, exploration, promotion.

What is your experience with Telegram? Do you use this app? And with what purpose, promotional, private or both?

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