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What is WeChat

Initially born as an instant messaging application (to be clear how Whatsapp is Telegram) can be used not only on your smartphone, but also on computers via your client or browser, via your website. In China Wechat is known as 微 信, which is pronounced Wēixìn, which literally means "micro messages". This platform was developed by the Tencent company.

Its spread, especially in eastern countries, has received a huge boost especially following the blockade by the Chinese government of Whatsapp and other social media.

How to install Wechat on PC

As an alternative to the web version, on your computer you can download and use the official downloadable software from the following links:

DOWNLOAD | WeChat (Windows)

DOWNLOAD | WeChat (Mac)

Once the software is downloaded, open the installation package and follow the wizard to complete everything. You just have to start the WeChat client and access your profile by scanning the QR code that appears on your screen, using the WeChat function on your smartphone.

WeChat how it works

Over the years, Wechat has become something much more complete than a simple messaging app, evolving into a real platform, with many functions and features, among which the possibility of:

  • make voice and video calls;
  • exchange photos and share them, as a sort of social network;
  • send audio messages and text messages;
  • meet new people nearby or in your city, via the Agita function (in style Tinder and Chatroulette);
  • Like payment system (Wechat Pay)
  • allows you to create live voice chats, where you can exchange only voice notes;
  • Buy air and train tickets;
  • Call a cab (similar to Uber);
  • Order food (like Just Eat);
  • Pay a bill;
  • Purchase a movie ticket;
  • Top up your mobile phone credit;
  • Make an appointment with your doctor;
  • Group chat;
  • Editing the shots taken.