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How to Start Working With SendApp lifetime Deal

SendApp Lifetime Deal

If you want to start communicating efficiently with your customers and leads using Whatsapp, one of the most important things is that these people must have your contact number saved. There was a time with email marketing during which it was possible to purchase an external database and send him a cold email. How to Start Working With SendApp.

SendApp Lifetime Deal

Whatsapp requires consent as in email marketing but at a higher level because your customers and leads must save your number in their contact list.

SendApp Lifetime Deal

This level of intimacy with your customers is something not to be taken lightly. If you invade their privacy you are doing everything wrong and consequently, you should start to get creative to collect phone numbers and accept it as a way to contact them directly.

You can shorten your link by using WhatsApp link generator. and send them via sendapp software. It is a free platform to create a short link to Whatsapp. you can try it to verify. for more info see the FAQ.

SendApp Automate Your Communication with Whatsapp Marketing

  • Send offers and promotions.
  • Give information.
  • Send quotes.
  • Communicate new articles / content.
  • Have an appointment reminder system.

SendApp Functions-

So what are the SendApp functions in short?
Below is a list of the four main features of SendApp Tool (some available in more advanced versions):

1. Direct sending:

It allows you to send a specific message to a specific contact, to multiple contacts, to a number with which you have chatted but which you have not memorized (you can also attach documents, images, videos).

2. Scheduler:

It allows you to schedule the sending of messages at a specific time or on a certain day.

3. Follow up:

You can create a series of messages by choosing the frequency with which to send the messages and the various messages to be sent.

4. Widgets:

You can create widgets to integrate on blogs / websites or eCommerce and in this way start conversations quickly with your customers or potential customers.

SendApp Feature-

  • Sending Massive- Mass sending to numbers even if not in Contacts.
  • Phone Book- Import your contacts from a file or create your own directory.
  • Photographic Editor- You can use the built-in editor to edit the images of your messages.
  • Royal Stock Photo- SendApp includes DeaStock a platform that allows you to access millions of royalty-free graphics resources.
  • Enter Report- You can view the report of sent messages to optimize your address book.
  • Message Planning- Program the massive sending of messages without any time limit.
  • Link Generator- You can shorten your link by using WhatsApp link generator.

Benefits of SendApp Marketing-

  • A professional and very effective method to communicate and reach potential customers with a personalized loyalty program.
  • It can also help your business by sending mass SendApp messages to WhatsApp contacts and to imported contact lists with images, videos, and unlimited characters.
  • Besides, it can create video campaign ads that are worth a thousand words.
  • Creating your mass WhatsApp message strategy.
  • Send customized video promotions.
  • If you already have a database of mobile numbers of potential customers, you can take advantage of it by creating promotions and offers.
  • You can send viral images and videos with guaranteed delivery at any time.
  • All messages sent are protected by end-to-end descriptions of your database information.


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