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SMS 2.0

Google brings the RCS system that allows you to send SMS 2.0 with images and multimedia content. Take the challenge on WhatsApp.


The challenge of Google to Whatsapp has arrived: these days the Mountain View company and telephone operators are also activating the RCS system in the Bel Paese. What is it about? Acronym of Rich Communication Service, is a new system that allows you to send so-called SMS 2.0: text messages enriched with GIF, images, videos and any type of multimedia content.

The arrival of the RCS system was highly anticipated and can open up very fascinating market opportunities: it is perfectly integrated in the Messages app of Google . Allows you to activate extra features, such as the notification of reading a message. Text messages are sent over the data network and not over the normal network. If you are wondering if it is a "copy" of WhatsApp, the answer is "not really". In Google's plans, the Messages app will become the alter ego of the app iMessage. Here's how SMS 2.0 works and how to activate them on your Android smartphone.

What is the Rich Communication Service system?
Active in the United States and some European countries. The RCS system is a new standard developed by Google to enrich the classic SMS. For the moment it is active only for Android smartphones and to work at its best there must be an agreement between the mobile operators and the Mountain View company.

What are the characteristics of SMS 2.0?

In many ways they are identical to the messages we send every day on apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage and Direct Messages from Instagram. The only peculiarity is that they only work on the Google Messages app present on every Android smartphone. SMS 2.0 allows you to send multimedia content, create groups and check if others have read the chat messages.

Google initially intended to launch a new messaging app with the RCS system inside, but eventually opted to better enhance the Messages app. The ultimate goal of Google is to make Messaging the messaging application used by all Android users, the same role as iMessage in the iPhone world.

How the RCS system and SMS 2.0 works
The operation of SMS 2.0 and the Rich Communication Service is very simple: messages are not sent via the "normal" network, but by using the Wi-Fi network or the data card network. This allows you to enrich your messages with multimedia content, such as high quality images and GIFs. SMS 2.0 also has other features typical of messaging apps, such as the ability to create groups, see when another person is writing or check if the recipient has read the message.

How do you activate SMS 2.0?

There is no magic button that allows you to activate the RCS standard and to start using SMS 2.0. The activation on the Messages app is taking place in these days by the various telephone operators and the only thing is to wait.

To check, you need to open the Messages app, press on the icon with three dots at the top right and then on Settings. From the new tab that will open, you have to select the item "Chat features". If the message “Chat functionality not available for this device. The operator does not currently support this functionality, "then it will mean that you have to wait a few more days. If, on the other hand, some settings appear on the smartphone to be activated or deactivated, such as "Activate chat functionality" or "Send read receipts", then it will mean that you can start using SMS 2.0, Google's alternative to WhatsApp .

In some cases the Messages app may ask you to use the new features via Jibe Mobile and to keep the application connected to the data network or Wi-Fi.

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