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Increase sales with Marketing Strategies

by 13 July 2020No Comments

When you start working in the world of advertising, you realize that there is no single way to achieve certain results. That's why you know that sooner or later, the time will come to work with them marketing strategies ideal for a specific purpose. And this is where your operational and theoretical ability comes into play.

You can't improvise and think about managing marketing strategies as it happens, that is choosing the one you prefer based on what you thought you could apply to your reality. There is always a need for study and contextualization to get what you really need. And to achieve the result.

At the base of everything is the study, the ability of the individual company to deal with this issue with the greatest possible care. That is to say, what is the ideal solution to make a good promotion? Marketing is there necessary lever to increase profits, sales. You have to choose. Let's try to list the best tactics?


I'll tell you right away, I don't want to wait: you have to work well. Punctual, professional, honest or let the ego impose its domain. Those who move in a technical way and avoid burrs always have something extra. Others will speak well of you and the name will turn. Automatically and smoothly?

No, you have to evaluate the external contexts. Namely the competition. You can be good at work, but you are not the only one. So you have to apply a series of marketing strategies to do it the brand emerges. But this is the starting point, and you can start using it in the simplest way possible: with social proof.

Do you have a website? Ask satisfied customers to leave a review. Are you a restaurant, hotel or bar? Use Tripadvisor to position your place among the best choices. Are you a freelancer?

Use Google My Business for geolocated results or platforms advanced like Trustpilot. In short, this is the first step: work well and find a way to bring out this reality, it can be decisive.


A direct consequence of the previous section. Working well can be called the first marketing strategy to increase profits and turnover? Perfect, now you have to make sure that the name is associated with positive values. And that a single glance is enough to recognize the work.

This means making brand awareness, a work that allows the name to pass from anonymity to knowledge immediate and glaring. What do you need to operate in this direction? Here is a series of elements:

  • Naming.
  • Payoff.
  • Logo.
  • Value.
  • Mission.

Some points are visible every day, others become the starting point for making people recognize themselves in your work. I can assure you of this: the work on the brand it is a complex work that requires years of commitment. You don't get good results in a short time, you can't do brand building in six months.


Your brand develops thanks to your daily actions, to the consistency between what you communicate and concrete activities. But you can't always do it alone. Sometimes it is necessary to have the contribution of someone suitable for the purpose. In other words, make your brand known to an already close-knit community, linked to specific objectives and needs.

The field of influencer marketing is thriving. Although there is a lot of talk today about this technique, especially in terms of influencer marketing on Instagram and Facebook, the job is as old as advertising. There have always been people in sight who do endorsement. That is to say they support a product or service.

This is because people allow themselves to be influenced by those who have certain characteristics that become essential to making certain content viral. Which is part of your brand. But how is the work of influencer marketing articulated? What can I do and choose? The strategies are different but fall into two areas.

  • Celebrity endorsement.
  • Influencer.

The difference is subtle. The first is related to appearance classic advertising: is a person with visibility who places his name and his face alongside something you want to promote. But it has no competence or credibility in a niche. It is the typical example of an actor promoting a battery of pots.

The influencer, on the other hand, has credibility on its side. He can intervene with full knowledge of the facts, knows the topic and if he uses a product or service it means that he is reliable. A bit like sportsmen who use a certain type of footwear during performance. This means that he truly believes in what he does.


It is increasingly important to learn to evaluate the effectiveness of an influencer not by the number of followers but by the ability to touch a certain niche. Companies often don't use these profiles to reach large audiences, but vertical and specific markets. That's why we talk about micro influencers, very effective in certain sectors.


This is the step that allows us to speak without fear of the main marketing strategies, both online and offline. True, we have gone from outbound to inbound marketing and we need to be found when people are looking for us. Without interrupting. But it is true that the strength of the old media is still strong.

The inbound marketing funnel.

It's not the only one on the pitch, it's true. And in certain areas it still has its power. But it is clear that in one wide overview of the main marketing strategies should be borne in mind:

  • Radio.
  • Television.
  • Newspapers.
    • Newspapers.
    • Weekly.
    • Periodicals.
    • Locals.

There is no one clear definition according to which a business, without knowing how and why, can be considered exempt from these channels. At Christmas, I see Amazon advertisements on television. On generalist TV.

Also on the occasion of Black Friday. And it is clear that when the communication sector is saturated you have to widen the boundaries. Moving on to the mainestream, channels that shoot the public in an undifferentiated way.


Or at least the basis for those who decide to use the internet to create attention around their brand. This change from offline to online involves a change of fundamental register: people today are not just passive. They respond, interact, involve. And you have to take advantage of this thanks to a series of maneuvers.


One of the main activities for promoting on the internet: exploiting ii search engine. It is not a simple job, and over time they develop specific specializations. But the taxonomies that characterize these marketing strategies are two. Let's find out together to understand if they are right for you.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

That means search engine advertising. Search engines (primarily Google) provide channels to promote results in terms of native advertising. That is to say without too differentiating the organic ones from the sponsored ones. This is one of the main marketing strategies for small and large businesses.

Organic positioning (SEO)

This is one of the activities you can do with your blog or website: ti positions for keywords that people are looking for on Google. This is the basis of inbound marketing: to be found when people need you. It is not a simple job and needs careful planning.

In turn, this step is divided into Local SEO, specific for activities that have an interest in positioning themselves for geo-localized, on-page and off-page SEO searches. Namely those specializations that allow you to obtain the necessary requirements to position yourself in the serp. Without the contribution of channels like Google AdWords (now Ads).


That's right, when it comes to promotional activities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram you risk needing a separate article. I try to summarize a key passage: today it is difficult to give up the strength of some dynamics created on social networks. In particular, the binomial composed of:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.

The reason is simple: they group an almost complete and representative universe of individuals. On the first platform, for example, you find the whole world. And on the second you can take advantage of a series of procedures, such as influencer marketing and visual storytelling, who have infinite leverage on the public. Especially in B2C.

Difference between staff and advertising

When it comes to social media marketing, however, a substantial diversity must be pursued: there is daily work, based on the ability to conceive and manage campaigns that do not include the use of promotions. And then there are the sponsorships that, at least for Facebook and Instagram, can bring great results.

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