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Protect users from Covid scams

by 20 July 2020No Comments

Protection of users from scams Covid

True as this is, some will try to take advantage of it even during a pandemic.


The Smishing problem - SMS phishing - is not new. For years, they have been created

The Smishing problem - SMS phishing - is not new. For years, text message scams have been created to trick consumers into sending money or sharing their account details with scammers.

It is a particularly scandalous activity to be undertaken in the wake of COVID-19.

And it's not going unchallenged. Indeed, Sinch and many others are reacting.

The UK's leading messaging service providers and mobile, banking and financial industries along with the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC); have joined forces to prevent scammers from sending scam messages seeking to exploit the Covid-19 crisis.

The collaboration is part of an industrial initiative underway by Mobile Ecosystem Forum,  Mobile UK  is  UK Finance ; supported by  NCSC , to help identify and block fraudulent SMS messages and protect messages from legitimate businesses and organizations.

As part of stakeholder experimentation, MEF developed the SMS SenderID security log that allows organizations to record and secure message headers used when sending text messages to their customers. The registry limits the ability of scammers to send messages impersonating a brand by checking if the sender is the real registered party.

Fifty bank and government brands are currently protected through the process with 172 trusted SenderIDs registered to date. Over 400 unauthorized variants have been blocked on an ever-growing blacklist, including 70 SenderIDs related to the government's Coronavirus campaign.

Fourteen banks and government agencies including HMRC and DVLA are participating in the ongoing process which is supported by BT / EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

Over the past six months, the Stakeholder Working Group has seen a significant drop in fraudulent messages sent to UK consumers by participating merchants.

As we all know, this is no time for anyone to let their guard down. Through innovation and commitment, Sinch has always sought out its customers and their customers. This is another thing that will not change during the pandemic.

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