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Local marketing + Social local marketing

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Local marketing

Four out of five consumers use search engines to do a local search. A fact that, alone, could be enough to arouse the interest of all entrepreneurs and push them to start local marketing projects. Yet the SME 50% doesn't even have a website, while the 60% has never invested in social media. What does this mean? That demand is far greater than supply and that there is an unexplored world that could bring great benefits to small and medium-sized local businesses. Today being present online is a fundamental step for any local business.

It is a question of branding, image, prestige and turnover. Because people search, or rather ask, with their smartphone. It is not enough to "be close", you have to "communicate that you are close"; and this is the challenge that local marketing is preparing to face. We are not talking about a possible trend, nor about a bubble: it is about evolution; or rather the revolution of a communication system which definitively establishes the break with traditional promotion systems. Local marketing is a book that addresses these issues in a strategic way; structural and professional, looking at them both from an SEO perspective and from content marketing and storytelling.


Social local marketing

If you have a small business or you are a professional, the goal of this book is to help you implement a marketing system that is more suited to your local market and your target: the Social Local Marketing. It exploits the potential of social networks to promote your local company by investing fewer resources in the content and much more on promoting the message to the right target nearby, in a programmed and continuous manner.

Unlike those social media marketing strategies whose goal is to exploit the virality of social media through the creation of elaborate and expensive content, social local marketing provides you with the tools to position yourself as a leader in your local market by distributing the budget more on conveying the content and on the creation of the content itself, which must still be of quality, but suitable for the local target. At the end of this reading you will know if your company is ready for social local marketing, you will be able to create your own performing Facebook page, you will be able to implement strategies with awareness and you will know how to measure the results.


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