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Instagram Marketing + Facebook ADS

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Instagram Marketing

If you answered yes to the previous questions then you are ready to learn all the tricks of Instagram and this book will cover the whole process, step by step. Keep reading

With one billion users per day, Instagram is one of the best platforms to make your business known. Instagram it has an incredible reach and engagement 60 times better compared to Facebook and 120 times compared to Twitter.

In this book, Francesco Carli, provides a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to speed up your growth on Instagram.

Francesco in his career has helped a multitude of influencers, entrepreneurs and medium / small businesses to grow their profile of Instagram, acquiring at the same time thousands of leads on target, ready to be converted into paying customers. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to create and optimize your Instagram profile
  • The best tips to create a perfect BIO
  • How to create quality content that will skyrocket your engagement
  • The strategies to better interact with your audience
  • The best ways to use stories and posts to promote your or others' products and services
  • How to find the best collaborations
  • And much, much more

This book is for you even if you've never used it Instagram, as it will take you from beginner to expert on this platform in no time.



Facebook ADS

The aim of this manual is to show you the right method updated to 2020, to be successful with Facebook, giving you the same information that gurus sell on their thousands of dollars courses.

Facebook is in constant evolution and what worked just a year ago, unfortunately, cannot be replicated today ...

You have your own business and you want to increase yours visibility reaching as many people as possible, but they are in target?

In 2020 when we talk about marketing, we talk about Social Media Marketing

Facebook is one of the social networks that allows you to make your brand, products or services known to global level. Thanks to certain tools you can reach the target people and make yourself low cost advertising.

If you know how to use it, Facebook is a very powerful tool that allows you to get gods concrete results

I have everything in this guide, I will guide you step by step throughout the process

We will see together:

  • ... how to create create Facebook campaigns that convert;
  • ... psychology e Social Media Marketing;
  • ... how to choose the right target based on your business;
  • ... how to make the most of the re-targeting and re-marketing;
  • ... what are the different advertisements and which ones call-to-action match them;
  • ... how to apply the copywriting to advertising on Facebook;
  • ... strategies to increase conversions;
  • ... interpret the results e climb your own campaign;
  • ... all the mistakes that will make you waste budget;
  • ... and many other valuable tips to be successful with Facebook in 2020!


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    Product Documentation is so so easy to use. Transparent Pricing. Although on the pricier side

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    A Great way to Build Automated Contact Center for Coustomers

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