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Instagram Reels is available

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From today, 5 August, it can also be used in Italy Instagram Reels, the new feature of the popular social network with which you can create, edit and share short videos in a dedicated section of the social network.

The new function, which in the next few hours will be gradually integrated into the app for both iOS and Android phones, aims to be the alternative of Instagram to the TikTok app, of which it incorporates many of the features. In addition to Italy, Instagram Reels will now be available in more than 50 countries, including the United States, where for several days there has been talk of Trump's intention to ban TikTok and the possible acquisition by Microsoft. The function in recent months had instead been made available in the test phase only in some countries, including Brazil, France and Germany.

The Reels feature will appear on each user's Instagram profile.

Opening the camera from the app: it will allow not only to record short videos of 15 seconds, alone or in sequence. As already in the stories - but also to modify and enrich them with different effects, such as that of augmented reality. Videos will also
have the original audio of other videos; be accelerated or played in slow motion, or, again, be perfectly aligned with each other thanks to the "align" function.

By logging into Instagram, you select the camera and among other functions, that of Reels will also appear. On the left of the screen will appear a series of tools to edit existing videos; you can load them from your library, or you can choose to register new ones, simply by pressing and holding the register icon. Once created, you can decide whether to share the videos on the feed or between stories (in this case, like the stories, they will disappear after 24 hours).

The videos will keep the privacy settings that the Instagram user has chosen.

If you have a public profile, the videos can be shared with friends, but also with a wider audience, through the "Explore" function; for example, if the clip contains a certain audio or hashtag, it could appear on dedicated pages and therefore be seen by a greater number of people; potentially becoming viral. If you have a private profile, other users will not be able to use either audio or video parts of the clip; nor share it with other people who are not already in contact with those who publish it.


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