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Economy hit by the pandemic, world crisis

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  • From its inception the pandemic and unprecedented measures taken to curb the spread of virus  including forced isolation; they are having a devastating impact on the global economy by causing millions of people in various industries to lose their jobs.




  • Italy in a deep crisis the containment measures have pushed Italy into a deep economic contraction '. The European Commission indicates this in the new forecast report. In the first quarter, GDP fell by 5.3% and in the second 'the damage to economic activity is expected to be stronger'. The economy began to recover from production due to the pandemic as the associated containment measures began to ease in May. ' In the absence of a second wave of infections, economic activity will begin to pick up in the third quarter of this year, aided by substantial support from political action. '




  • Italy was the country with the most prolonged period of closure of the activity, introduced it first and released the confinement more or less in line with the other states, for this reason the situation is what it is in fact in Spain and France the situation is very serious but we must not focus on the differences between country and country, but on the challenge that will have to be faced by the government and the Italians'.


Economic impact


  • The economic impact of confinement is more severe than we initially anticipated. We continue to navigate in troubled waters and we are exposed to many risks, including another massive wave of infections ”. This was stated by Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, commenting on the European Commission's summer economic forecasts. “Beyond any other consideration - he added -, the forecasts are an eloquent example of the need to conclude an agreement on our ambitious recovery package, NextGenerationEu, to help the economy. As for the coming months of this year and 2021, a recovery can be expected, but we will have to closely monitor the risk of it happening at different rates. It is our duty to continue to protect workers and businesses and to scrupulously coordinate policies at EU level, in order to be able to emerge stronger and more united from the crisis ”.


Second Wave


  • In Italy over the last few weeks coronavirus infections they have multiplied; in order not to be caught unprepared for a dreaded second wave, they were arranged carpet pads on people returning from abroad, so as to identify any new ones in the bud outbreaksAnd right from theswab analysis one was made rather alarming discovery: in the very last recorded cases one was noticed viral load 100 times more powerful compared to past months.


Economy in danger


  • Loss of 1.15 million jobs by the end of 2020 if the pandemic is kept under control. But the lost places could rise to 1.48 million if there is a second wave of infections. In 2021 there will be a recovery in employment, but only partially; in the 'best' scenario, 560,000 seats will still be missing compared to the end of 2019, more than 700,000 if the virus leads to other closures. It is the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Italian labor market that emerges from theEmployment Outlook ofOECD, as he explains Andrea Garnero, economist of the Organization, specializing in employment issues and one of the authors of the study. «The next few months are going to be really complicated. The first response to the crisis was almost obvious: a safety net for all. Now the matter becomes much more complicated.



Online Marketing


  • Sales and revenue have fallen due to the Coronavirus emergency. Some companies have almost completely gone out of business and have had to innovate to survive. All of this made it online marketing more important than butthe. This will keep your company name visible and in people's minds, especially when customers start coming back. They will pay particular attention to useful and engaging content you may share and will likely remember your name, even if they have never used your services before.

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