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SwiftKey Keyboard creates images with artificial intelligence

by 15 September 2023No Comments

SwiftKey Keyboard creates images with artificial intelligence

Android's vast ecosystem offers users an incredible range of choices, particularly when it comes to apps. Among keyboard apps, Microsoft's SwiftKey stands out as one of the most sought-after options, rivaling even Google's Gboard. What makes it so special? Recent updates have transformed SwiftKey from a simple text input interface into a multifunctional tool that leverages artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Investment: Artificial Intelligence in SwiftKey

Microsoft has invested significantly in SwiftKey, turning it into much more than just a keyboard. Now it is a cutting-edge tool powered by artificial intelligence. The Redmond-based tech giant recently launched a new beta version of SwiftKey via the Google Play Store. This update introduces several features that improve both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Cosmetic Improvements: Material You and Adaptive Themes

Starting with the visual improvements, if you have a smartphone running Android 12 or later, SwiftKey will now autonomously adapt its appearance to match the color scheme of your home screen. This feature aligns with Google's Material You design, making your phone's user interface more consistent and personalized than ever.

SwiftKey Beta AI Capabilities: Beyond Aesthetics

The coolest feature in SwiftKey's latest update is undoubtedly its AI integration. The keyboard now incorporates Microsoft's Bing AI, which offers a unique image creation capability based on DALL-E. Users can now generate images directly from their keyboard. This is not just a novelty; it's a significant improvement that opens up new avenues for user interaction and engagement.

Advanced Features: Not Just a Keyboard

But that is not all. The new AI features are just the tip of the iceberg. SwiftKey has also introduced other features that make it much more than just a keyboard. You can start conversations with Bing without leaving the keyboard interface, customize the tone of your responses, and even search the web through Bing without leaving your current app.

Getting started with SwiftKey Beta: Next Steps

For those interested in trying out these new features first-hand, all you need to do is download the latest beta version of SwiftKey from the Google Play Store. Once the update is installed, you will have immediate access to a plethora of features that will revolutionize the way you use your smartphone keyboard.

Conclusion: SwiftKey As The New Standard For Mobile Interaction

SwiftKey's latest beta release sets a new standard for what a mobile keyboard can be. With its advanced AI capabilities and adaptive visual features, Microsoft has essentially turned a keyboard into a complete hub for interaction. This shows how far we have progressed in mobile technology and hints at the exciting innovations that await us.

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