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News from Facebook messenger: a single platform

by July 9, 20202 Comments

News from Facebook: a single platform for apps

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger will communicate with each other

The news comes from the Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who posted the discovery on Twitter. It looks like there will be news in the world of Facebook. By analyzing the beta version code of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, the developer has indeed found some clues about the new Facebook project. We may soon have ansingle communication platform for the three apps.

One platform: what would it change?

Without a doubt, there are many perplexities, above all for the complexity of the project, starting from privacy protection of users. Although for the moment, it seems that there is nothing to worry about. Zuckerberg himself had already announced his idea of communication between the three applications. It will take time, even from a technical point of view, and for this reason the company has not yet made an official pronouncement on the matter.

Will it be a big hit or an unhappy flop? For now, we cannot yet establish it with certainty. Also because, as long as there is no official announcement, neither will terms and conditions of use of apps. It must also be said that the company has started working on new features to improve platform security, to protect access to personal backups.


References to the project

Let's get down to it. What did Alessandro Paluzzi discover during his analysis? The developer noticed the entry in the Personal Settings of the Instagram account "Get Messenger on Instagram". A new function therefore, which would allow for send messages from Instagram to users on Facebook Messenger and viceversa. In addition, within the Facebook app, there are also references to WhatsApp. A novelty that would indicate Facebook's willingness to unify the three messaging apps, in order to offer the possibility of sending messages even if you are not subscribed to one of these platforms.

All these clues suggest the construction of a local database to allow Facebook to know, for example, if a contact on WhatsApp is blocked, or if a chat is archived. There is nothing concrete for now, especially for the chat history issue, profile photos or group members. Furthermore, i WhatsApp server are always protected by end-to-end encryption, which ensures the protection of chat contents also regarding Facebook.


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