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WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram become one.

by July 9, 2020One Comment

Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram become one: the superchat is coming, the Facebook Rooms will play a crucial role.

The already existing Facebook rooms will play a key role in the union between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

They will become one, joining in one superchat that will connect the whole world. The already existing Facebook rooms will also be present on WhatsApp, also connected to Messenger and Instagram. Billions of users will thus be connected to each other seamlessly. At present, 2.5 billion active accounts on Facebook, 2 billion on WhatsApp and one billion and 300 million on Messenger. Considering that almost everyone has a profile on all three platforms, the numbers decrease, but this is still a considerable figure. The nova chat will become the integrated channel on which the world - with the exception of China - will communicate.

It is a communication system "cross-company"Announced by Mark Zuckerberg for some time now.

The most obvious clues to the upcoming changes were the numerous updates for the groups, but also the now known ones Rooms of Facebook. The Italian developer gave an account of the new system Alessandro Paluzzi who identified some details hidden between the programming codes of the beta versions of the three apps destined to merge. In a series of tweets Paluzzi has in fact released some screens where some sections of the applications are visible. For example, among the personal settings on Instagram there is a voice, "Get Messenger on Instagram", That is"Get Messenger on Instagram", Also changed to"Update Messaging”With the Messenger logo: this shows the possibility of chatting by jumping between the two programs.

The apps will remain autonomous for their distinctive functions, but will be connected more and more closely from the point of view of communication between users. The system, however, could allow you to recover the posts shared through the two chats, to republish them indifferently on Facebook or Instagram. Other signs of the imminent change also come from WhatsApp: if for some weeks now, among the commands relating to the attachments, it is possible to jump on Messenger and start one Room to chat up to 50 users, always the Italian developer e WABetaInfo instead they discovered how Facebook is preparing the systems to allow you to chat even between the most used chat in the world and the mother platform.

One Comment

  • Jiuan says:

    What I like most about whatsapp is that it has an easy to use software and its advanced technology allows you to be in contact with people from any part of the world in real time, its interface has a versatile range of applications where we can share calls, videos, voice notes, video calls, picture messages

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