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Consumers are more likely to open messages than email

by July 21, 2020No Comments

In the research report; Mobile Consumer Engagement 2020 highlighted that not only are consumers welcoming many different types of personalized mobile messages from businesses; but they are also 35 times more likely to open them than e-mails! However, despite this, companies have slowed down and aren't delivering the kind of high-value real-time messaging consumers crave.

Our research uncovered what we call the "opportunity gap". This is the gap between how consumers actually use messaging today and how they would like to use them. For example, the 62% would like to confirm service appointments using messaging, but only the 41% has the opportunity to do so today. And the 70% wants banks to report their suspicious activity in their accounts, but today only the 35% receives these kinds of notifications.

In August 2019, we surveyed 2,300 consumers worldwide and spoke with leaders from customer engagement brands including Oracle, Uber and Adobe to discover the messaging scenarios that consumers find useful and welcome and those that make them nervous. . Key information includes:

People put up with it e-mail unread, unread mobile messages

Consumer 40% claims to have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox   but only 4% says the same about mobile messages. 

Customers I'm cautious about app downloads

The 80% of consumers says they will only download an app from a company they know and trust, and the 72% is concerned that the apps are tracking their movements. That is  is  particularly important to note for companies investing in branded app development.  

Mobile device users  I'm  ready for intense involvement

Businesses are experimenting with personalized video, multimedia messaging, and AI-powered conversations - and consumers are happy with the results. 2 out of 3 who used a chatbot they claim to have had a positive experience, with speed and efficiency being the reasons why. Most went so far as to say that a chatbot served them too or better than a human agent.  

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