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15 Interesting Chatbot Ideas for 2021

by 22 March 20212 Comments

Chatbot ideas for every business process - 15 Interesting Chatbot Ideas for 2021

In this age of fast-evolving technology and instant connections, chatbots are becoming instrumental for business. Initially introduced to engage with customers, chatbots now perform a number of essential functions, from lead generation and sales to streamlining HR processes.

Technically, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered software application that simulates human-like conversations with real humans. Be it via text or voice apps, chatbots easily integrate into messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp in addition to websites. However, contemporary AI chatbots have adapted to being much more than a communication tool. Chatbot Ideas for 2021.

Research suggests that by 2022, chatbots could help businesses save as much as $8 billion annually. In industries where high-volume customer interaction forms the core of the business, like healthcare, banking, and insurance, AI chatbots are game-changing. They save over 4 minutes on average per customer inquiry when compared to call centers, with success rates for interaction going up by the day.

As chatbot technology continues to evolve and different types of chatbots sprout in the market, experts predict that their applications will become more sophisticated.

Interesting Chatbots Ideas for Your Business in 2021

Given that bot applications are so diverse and expanding every year, we've put together 15 interesting chatbot ideas for you to experiment with chatbots in 2021.

1. Customer Service Bots 

Using chatbots to provide customer service is one of the most prevalent uses of this technology. AI chatbots can undertake an array of tasks, from self-service to answering FAQs like "What is this product?" or "What is the price?" instantly. Chatbot Ideas for 2021. A study from Mindbrowser found that 95% of consumers believed that customer service would be the biggest beneficiary of chatbots. Customer service chatbots can be:

  • Welcome Bots: Not all customers are comfortable with initiating a conversation, so being proactive on this front can set you apart. A welcome bot's messaging service can be installed on your home page or other high-traffic pages for efficient engagement. 
  • Resolution Bots: Chatbots can answer 80% of customer queries. Install a resolution bot to answer FAQs and resolve inquiries quicker than ever.
  • Navigation Bots: Most customers like being self-reliant. Instead of reaching out to an agent, empower customers to find products or price lists on their own using navigation bots.


Informational chatbot ideas

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