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L'Apple Store is a chain of owned stores that sell computers and consumer electronics. As of August 2018, 511 stores were open worldwide in 16 countries.


In the Apple Stores the customer is assisted by personnel specialized in specific tasks:

  • Specialist - Answers questions about Apple products and third-party accessories. Specialists manage product sales and describe Store promotions and services, such as AppleCare, MobileMe and One to One. The specialists carry with them a portable payment device called EasyPay (now replaced with iPod touch), which is used to make customer payments.
  • Genius - The Genius provides technical assistance on Apple products and carries out repairs or replacements of the product. Customers can make an appointment (also via the Apple website) to ask for the assistance of a genius at the Genius Bar if they are having problems with a Mac, iPod, iPhone or an Apple accessory.
  • Creative - Manages training courses on various topics for One-to-One customers. Creatives help users with their Macs, contributing to the creation of various projects (photo albums, movies, music). Most Creatives are also certified by Apple to educate customers on Apple's most complex applications (Logic Studio, Aperture, Final Cut Pro).

Genius Bar

The Stores are equipped with a Genius Bar, where customers can receive technical advice or carry out repairs for their products. The Genius Bar provides software support for macOS and support services for Apple hardware that has not been classified as obsolete. Originally, customers at the Genius Bar were offered Evian water. This service was abandoned in February 2002.

To address the growing number of iPod customers at the Genius Bar, some new stores have set up a dedicated iPod service space called the iPod Bar. The first iPod Bar opened at the Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo; New York's Apple Stores followed, and iPod Bars have since become a common feature of newly built Apple Stores.

Most of the new Apple Stores have a location called the “Studio,” a space similar to the Genius Bar where customers can get help from a “Creative” on photo album making or movie editing projects.

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