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Whatsapp marketing, secrets to avoid ban:

by June 25, 2020No Comments

Whatsapp Marketing: secrets to avoid ban:

01: Use a telephone number dedicated to whatsapp marketing

Our advice is to use a telephone number dedicated to whatsapp marketing. If you install the whatsapp business app you can also use and associate a fixed number, which could also be a voip.

There are two reasons why you should use a phone number:

  1.  You will be able to insert the company logo, name and description;
  2. If there is a BAN from whatsapp, you will not lose the personal number with which you communicate with your friends and relatives.


02: Use the business version of Whatsapp 

Use whatsapp business (available for android and for ios devices) surely this version, being born for companies, local business and VAT numbers, will have more permissions, even if whatsapp has never given guidelines on how the algorithm reasons, we know only that it is against spam therefore it is pro-customer and therefore recipient, user.


03: Send messages to chats already present

Another tip is to send messages to contacts with whom you have already had a chat, because if you go to send messages to multiple people (even if they have given you privacy consent) with whom they have never had a chat, surely after a tot of whatsapp sendings it will ban your number.

What we recommend is to create a follow up list, then target with the follow up lists of Whats Responder. After creating the lists, we will use the Whats Responder widget, and by doing an sms campaign, the recipient person will have to click on a link that will allow you to send a message with the word of registration to the list. Then the first chat message will be of the customer who will be automatically registered to your list. In this way you can then contact him with much more peace of mind because there has already been a chat between you and the person with whom you deal.


04: The sending frequency 

We recommend limiting messages to one / two per week, as whatsapp notification if it arrives every day and you don't really have very important content to offer is annoying and invasive. So the advice is to send a few messages with interested content so that people don't report you.

You have to think that it is not like using e-mails, the opening rate of e-mails is very low and the impact with the customer is not very invasive. People who receive an email very often don't even check their email inbox daily so it's not annoying.


05: Ability to recipients of messages to choose whether to unsubscribe. A discontented user reports you and does not buy.

Our advice is to give the possibility through the word unsubscribe to remove yourself from the lists and therefore not to receive your messages anymore.
Another tip if not in all messages at least every two messages is written at the end of the message "if you do not want to receive our communications, write the word unsubscribe" in this way they will not receive subsequent communications through the follow up lists.

Why is it important to write this?

Because a disgruntled user either reports you as spam or blocks you because of the whatsapp algorithm you are doing something that recipients don't like and could lead to ban. Also, if a person is unhappy they will not buy your products and services, so it is useless to have these people on your lists


06: Divide your consignments into different times of the day or over several days 

Another tip is to divide the mailings in different hours of the day or in several days, thus creating more follow-up lists, because the more you divide the mailings the less the number of invitations made at the same time, therefore the lesser the possibility for whatsapp to to be banned.

The advice is to choose more times of the day, for example if we have to send 600 messages, we will divide them 200 messages in the morning, 200 in the afternoon and 200 in the evening or if not the urgent need to send them all on the same day, we will go to divide by days, so as to reduce the number of invitations made simultaneously and lower the risk of being banned by whatsapp


07: don't spam

The last tip is to give a value to every message and not to make spam, this means that if you don't know what to communicate to your customers, don't send communications, if you have to send a communication on whatsapp it must be something useful of value, which can be a reminder, an offer, a coupon or something they are happy to receive. In this way you will surely avoid being blocked or otherwise reported by the recipient.

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